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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth

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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth
Dr. Jennifer Blog

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Dr. Jennifer Blog

Making Friends with Money: Spiritual Practices
Posted: 10/7/2013 | Personal Development Comments
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Part 4: Spiritual Practices

In Part One, Part Two, and Part Three of this series, we discussed essential ways to alter and empower your relationship with money by exploring the beliefs that might limit you, learning from your past, and recording your thoughts, feelings, income and outgo to create the foundation of a new financial friendship. Another aspect of our relationship with money can be thought of as spiritual, and perhaps the oldest spiritual practice around it is tithing. Tithing is a powerful way to acknowledge your Source and remind you that your relationship with money is not just a material relationship, but also an energetic or spiritual one. According to the Old Testament, tithing was widely practiced in ancient times as a way to care for those in need. Tithing means “one-tenth,” and families would give away 10% of their earnings to be divided among the poor.

When we tithe, we acknowledge and honor our financial partnership with God or our Inner Wisdom. It’s so powerful to give money freely, expecting nothing in return. We’re reminded we are co-creating our lives with the Divine, and our money is part of that co-creation. Our money flows to us from God, and so we allow it to flow back to God, in an endless circle. Our tithing encourages gratitude. It’s a great way to say thank you to the inspiration and abundance always available to us. We can’t stand in gratitude and lack at the same time, and of course we increase our prosperity by our internal expansion.

While 10% is the traditional percentage for tithing, you can choose whatever works best for you. Angelina Jolie allegedly gives away 1/3 of her income. Maybe 5% is best for you. Whatever you choose, give on a regular basis to whatever represents Source to you. Many tithe to their church, synagogue, or spiritual center. You might want to tithe to a charity or organization very close to your heart or an individual in need. I know of one family that saved coins in a jar, and then gave away the jar to a random person they saw on the street. They believed that whomever they chose needed that money at precisely that time. It gave them a lot of joy to watch the face of a stranger light up at this unexpected gift. I’ve also heard of people tithing to any source of inspiration, which might be a friend sharing needed wisdom, or a teacher giving a powerful lecture. You can tithe to your favorite barista, your alma mater, your mother or a political party. What matters is the appreciation you feel as you give.

The next spiritual aspect in developing your friendship with money, is to invest in yourself.

As I pointed out with tithing, your Inner Wisdom or the Divine is the source of your abundance and life. It’s one and the same. As you grow in your relationship with Source, you grow in your relationship with money. Take time every day to tune in to your Essence. Develop and deepen your meditation and prayer practice. Ask your intuition, your innate Wisdom, for clarity and guidance concerning your financial decisions. Ask for help in removing blocks and expanding your flow, and knowing that you are inherently abundant. Money is just a physical manifestation of the Grace you have within you. The deeper your internal connection, the greater and more abundant your external reality becomes.

Money is your friend. It can help you in need, provide choice and freedom, and support you in making your unique contribution to the world. As you grow in your relationship with money, you grow in your relationship with yourself and the world.

How have you practiced tithing or how have you invested in your spiritual connection? Please share your comments make a difference for us all.

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