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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth

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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth

Dr. Jennifer Howard’s many years of study and teaching have come together to form The Conscious Life Path. This path is comprised of teachings that help people not only make the choice to awaken but also hone the skills to awaken to what is.

Being present in the now allows the embracing of all potentials and possibilities. It is often from our dissatisfaction, discomfort, or simply the sense that there is more to living that calls us to walk The Conscious Life Path. We can choose to open our hearts to creating a life that fulfills our deepest desires while continuing the journey that encourages the unfolding of more truth about life and ourselves. Even when we know we have crossed the threshold in our consciousness to “enlightenment,” we continue deepening and embodying. In “enlighten-ing-ment,” as it could be called, we awaken to now and continue to further awaken to what is present.

There are many paths to the truth, and once we begin the journey, we discover that life becomes richer, deeper and more fulfilling.

As we walk more consciously, we continue growing in ways that allow us to experience and embody more wholeness. Part of the path is to uncover, grieve, and work through historical difficulties opening the door to the emergence of the real self. Consider this: It is possible to integrate ourselves—physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually—allowing our egos to relax enough to live consistently in ever-present grace or wholeness. Then we can flow down the river of life! When we realize and grasp that we co-create with the Universe or God using the laws of attraction, we then not only flow down the river but also recognize we are the river. We are made of wholeness itself. Our part is to keep returning to our blocks that keep us from experiencing consistent wholeness or non-dual consciousness. We return to identify, work through and heal these blocks, allowing the shifts and changes that keep us from being present in the now.

We are refining the ego, which encourages the unveiling of our inner mystic and inner guidance, answering our deepest longing to be our true self.

In walking The Conscious Life Path, we reveal layer by layer our deepest reality. From here, we are able to let ourselves be. We come home.

Let me guide you home by sending you a free meditation and keeping in touch from time to time...










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