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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth

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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth


Please check out the various products available in order to support you in your personal development and spiritual growth

Your Ultimate Life Plan

Your Ultimate Life Plan

Are you ready to live the life you’ve always dreamed of?

You’ve read the books, done the workshops, and yet many of the same problems persist. Maybe you’ve thought you were finished with an issue only to have it reappear suddenly, maybe you’ve reached for easy answers that didn’t work, or maybe you’ve grown resigned to accept, this is just how life is. Whatever your starting point, Your Ultimate Life Plan will help you step boldly into your next, deeper level of happiness, wholeness, transformation, and success. This “workshop in a book,” based upon solid psychological principles and profound spiritual practices, will guide and propel you forward in life. LEARN MORE

Abundance Meditation (MP3)

This is a guided meditation by Dr. Jennifer Howard that allows the listener to receive guidance on creating abundance. This meditation supports us in removing the blocks that prevent us from attracting all that we want in life. Abundance meditation: 11 minutes

Price: $8.99

Intelligence of the Heart Meditation (MP3)

A guided meditation that helps the listener connect with heart energy, and create more love and compassion. This heartwarming meditation was given as part of Dr. Jennifer Howard’s lecture at the Green Living Weekend this past year. Intelligence of the Heart meditation: 5 minutes 23 seconds.

Price: $5.99

Meditation Gift Set

  • Your Ultimate Life Plan book by Dr. Howard.
  • Meditation Pashmina Shawl (28x72)
  • 3 Innovative and Empowering Meditation MP3's
  • Inspirational Quote Journal - PDF

Click here to learn more

The Key To Healthy Relationships

Are relationships difficult for you?

Do you struggle with intimacy?

Do you have trouble tuning into the wisdom of your
deeper self?
If so, I have put together a unique audio program (listen) that holds the KEYS that will support you on your journey of healing, and transforming your relationships by helping you...

Click here to learn more

Paths of Healing: Meditations for Relaxation and Healing (CD)

Dr. Howard has produced a meditation CD called Paths of Healing: Meditations for Relaxation and Healing It offers four guided meditations and has been very well received. Involved in many of the arts through her lifetime, Dr. Howard is also an award-winning visual artist.

“When I begin to disconnect from my centre, the world has overwhelmed me or I just need a moment of peace and integration…Paths of Healing has been a welcome friend. The soothing tones of Jennifer Howard’s voice, the deeply comforting waves of sound and the emotional release of her guided imagery have always left me feeling like I’ve landed back into my body and I am ready, once again, to face whatever lies ahead.”--Rosa Laborde, Actress/Playwright

Jennifer Howard’s voice is pleasant and her choice of musical ambience is a positive addition … A nice collection of fully guided meditations.-- Creations Magazine

Price: $23.97

Inspirational Quotes by Dr. Jennifer Howard (PDF)

A beautiful collection of natural images with Dr. Howard's inspirational quotes.

See Samples

Price: $9.97

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