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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth

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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth
Dr. Jennifer Blog

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Dr. Jennifer Blog

How to answer the Personal Development question: Am I finished yet?
Posted: 10/2/2009 | Personal Development Comments
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As a psychotherapist and spiritual teacher for over twenty years I have been asked the question, “Am I finished yet?” many times. With a simple Google search for the words personal development, spiritual growth, self help, or any combination of these terms, anyone can get TONS of information. You can find books, articles, blogs, movies, audio, workbooks, and ezines – a lot of it even for free. So, how do you approach the question, “am I finished yet?”

I would start by asking you, what do you mean by finished? Some people start working on themselves with a small goal in mind. Once they achieve that goal they feel ready to stop. What I often see happen is they either return after seeing some other connection with the original  issue or something else happens that causes pain.


So, my answer to the question is, on one level we never are. If you want to be free from your old patterns that cause you great difficulties, you have to invest the necessary efforts. A conscious human journey includes transformation on the psychological level as well as the spiritual level.

When we see our life goals, in order to reach them we move step by step toward them. Through personal inquiry and grace we reach more of our potentials. To be as authentic as we possibly can, we leave no stone unturned.


Now, you may think that you have read all the books, you have been through the talk therapy, you may even be a teacher/coach/therapist yourself. But how many of us can honestly say that we have learned all there is to learn about ourselves and that we have reached the final end of the road in our own personal development?

I’m sure there are a few people out there who will say, “Well, I really feel like I reached my full potential and I’m ready to stop now.” Then I would pose the question for you to answer honestly within yourself. You don’t have to tell anyone. Just be as real as you can.

“Am I really finished?”

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       Posted: 11/29/2009 12:18:56 AM


This is a really great post, that I just came upon. It''s so refreshing to hear a peer making this publicly available as a growth piece, for both yourself and your readers/clientele. I''ve always felt, in my own work, that if we''re not doing our own work, we have no business assisting others. I''ve found that, in fact, Spirit tends to run Its mouthpieces through the paces first that they''re destined to teach and guide others through.

I also see this issue of people wanting to be done as one of the biggest impediments to people doing the expansion work available to them. Those who think they''re finished are missing out on so much IMO. I often think it a fear of getting to the deeper layers that we may REALLY be afraid of. So, thanks for offering your experiences on your great blog, along with your wisdom.

Here''s to all our continued Not-Done-Ness!


darlene ouimet       Posted: 5/16/2010 3:59:30 PM

Ahhhh for years I wanted to be done. There were times when I felt like I was done, like I had arrive and had all the answers, but they were often short lived, and when I was back in the thick of self discovery it would sometimes feel like a failure.
I had a mentor that always said "bring it on" and he said that I might want to try thinking about "running towards the problem or conflict within" and that concept made a difference for me. I would not say that I long for self growth opertunities, but I think about them differently today. I try to remember that the thorns always have roses. I try to remember that if I face sometihng it never takes me as long to move forward the way it takes so long if I put it off. (because the problem just waits...)
I am glad that I came over from Twitter to read this.

Cecile       Posted: 6/5/2010 3:08:36 PM

Great ?, I have finished many chapters in my life only to open another. I think the feeling of peace lets me know when something is finished. But it only clears the way for the next step to a higher vibration. We are the next Angels on Earth!

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