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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth

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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth
Dr. Jennifer Blog

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Dr. Jennifer Blog

3 Wonderful Ways to Feed Your Soul, from Your Ultimate Life Plan
Posted: 2/21/2014 | Personal Development Comments
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Studies show that we’re experiencing greater stress in our lives than ever before. Overwhelmed with tasks, responsibilities, decisions, and copious amounts of information to digest, we barely feel as if we have time to breathe, much less connect within and feed our soul. Our experience is that we are just too busy to be present to our lives.

If, in your life’s pace,
you notice that your spiritual tank seems depleted, what can you do to replenish it?

First, ask yourself,
what are the feelings and thoughts that are keeping you from being with the Wholeness that is ever-present? Spirit is always here. We’re the ones who don’t allow ourselves the space to relax into the Beingness that holds and contains all. Whether you call it God, Spirit, or Is-ness, it’s always available to us.

There are many practices we can do
to help remind ourselves of our connection to God. Here are three helpful actions from my book, Your Ultimate Life Plan, for refueling your spiritual tank when it feels empty:


Ahhh, living in the moment.
Deep breath in and out, let your mind relax for just one moment.

“When you’re present to each moment, seeing life for all it is, it’s easier to open to your own joy and pain, and then you can open your heart more fully to the joy and struggle of others. You’re better able to see and feel the world around you: your family, your community, your environment, your fellow humans, the planet, and beyond—and not just your own projections and historical distortions. As you practice being present, you strengthen your ability to be with whatever shows up. You can hold the paradox of allowing life as it is, while being a more active participant in the co-creation of your life.” (from page 50 in Your Ultimate Life Plan)

Yes, being present and living in the moment can be wonderful,
but it’s important to understand that everything has its place. It doesn’t help to worry about the future, but it does help to pay attention, save your money, pay your bills on time, and plan to paint the gutters in the spring. Living in the moment doesn’t mean we don’t plan for the future. It means we’re not stuck worrying about it. Nor does living in the moment mean we don’t grieve for what we have lost in our lives. Trying to forget the past really doesn’t work. Working through whatever feelings and thoughts rise up about the past does help us.


“Quick Stop: A few times a day, wherever you are, stop completely for 10 seconds. Stop and be very still; be present to what is happening in whatever way feels right to you. You can focus on what you notice as you stop, or on the stopping itself, and see what happens.” (from page 243 in Your Ultimate Life Plan)

Here, we get out of our life trance for a few minutes and can connect with the Source of all.


Meditation is definitely a good way to feed your soul.

“There are many types and styles of meditation, as well as several dimensions of consciousness you can experience. Each perspective can potentially give you different insights. In this way, meditation provides opportunities to broaden and deepen your experience, awareness, and healing.” (from page 48 in Your Ultimate Life Plan)

Yet there are some people who will use different kinds of meditations to escape, and try to get away from their thoughts or feelings. Since different kinds of meditations serve different purposes, it’s helpful to examine what meditations you’re doing, and why. This lets you know that you’re getting the most bang for your buck, so to speak.


“Notice your thoughts and let them pass like clouds in the sky. You can start by focusing on your breath. After a thought passes, come back to your breath, or feel the sensations in your body until you notice another thought. It might help to practice both focusing on the breath and noticing sensations.” (from page 195 in Your Ultimate Life Plan)

With this exercise we become mindful of our thoughts and feelings, notice our sensations and the ever nurturing cycle of our breath, allowing us to sink into that deeper connection to Spirit.


“Most spiritual traditions emphasize gratitude. From Cicero to Buddha, many philosophers and spiritual teachers spoke of the power of gratitude. As we live more consciously, we eventually heal enough to see the larger picture, allowing us to appreciate this journey as a gift. Profound gratitude for our life experiences brings genuine humility, taking us closer and closer to God, Divinity, or Presence, the answer to our deep desires and longings.

Rabbi Rami Shapiro says, “Gratitude is one of the most satisfying spiritual practices I know.” As with other potentials, gratitude can be cultivated. We can develop gratitude by reflecting on the gifts we already have. These reflections can be done for a minute, a day, or throughout a lifetime. We can be grateful because we’re happy, but we can also be happy because we’re grateful.” (from page 256 in Your Ultimate Life Plan)


Start a gratitude journal. In the morning, write 5 things that you’re grateful for. Then, before bed, write 5 more things you’re grateful for from that day. This helps us to see many events that might otherwise be overlooked in our normal routine, such as those first sips of tea or coffee in the morning, or a friend’s laughter during the day.

Please share your thoughts.
Your comments make a difference for us all.

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