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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth

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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth
Dr. Jennifer Blog

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Dr. Jennifer Blog

How to Be Happier
Posted: 6/24/2014 | Happiness Comments
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This article is adapted from my multiple award-winning book, Your Ultimate Life Plan.

Happiness is a mindset, underlying everything you think and
feel. It’s a deeper level of contentment and peace, a greater
connection to life, God, and the world. Even if you feel happy
much of the time, you’re always capable of being happier.
      — Dr. Jennifer Howard, Your Ultimate Life Plan

For most of us,
happiness depends upon whatever’s happening around us. It’s relative to the moment, our circumstances, our relationships, our culture, our jobs, and our understanding of ourselves. Many of us think happiness is somewhere else than where we are and somewhere other than within us.

Of course we’re affected by our circumstances,
and there will certainly be times of confusion, anger, and sadness, but as we continue to grow we learn to embrace our difficulties and suffering.

That doesn’t mean at any given moment
we have exactly what we want or every wish granted. Remember, happiness is more than momentary gratification, it’s the bedrock of consciousness.  As we grow into people who can hold both our sorrow and pain along with our joy and happiness, we can embody true happiness and not the pleasure of the moment. Then we become fulfilled. Like a great river, we become stronger, wider, and deeper.

Being happy is our innate nature. What most don’t know is that happiness is an inside job. We can grow, develop, and change allowing our true nature to arise. It’s what we deeply are when we’re not caught inside by our inner programming from our history. This programming begins very early in life and it’s our job to become aware of what’s blocking us from our true nature. So when we feel happy, we feel alive and present with all of life.

No matter where you’re starting from,
you can go to your next level of happiness, wholeness, transformation, and success. You’ll feel more deeply, experience life more profoundly, and enjoy a more intimate connection with yourself, your soul, and others.

As we grow, change, and hopefully mature, we can become clearer about who we are, and what we truly want and need, and find ways to make our lives, relationships, and careers better. We can develop healthier and more conscious relationships based on mutual respect, sharing, and trust. We can communicate more openly and honestly, admitting our mistakes and accepting responsibility for ourselves. In our intimate relationships, both partners can be equal, sharing power and control. We can learn to listen to each other with respect, valuing the other’s opinions.

So how do you do it? How do you stay on course to reach your ultimate life and create real, lasting change and happiness? By diving deeper. Going deeper means getting to know your internal dialogue and emotional connections by paying attention to your thoughts and feelings, which allows you to be more conscious of what’s initiating the vibratory quality that actually creates your life experiences. This is the fuel that ignites your co-creation with God in every moment.

If you’re willing to stay on your cutting edge,
increasing insight and consciousness, and becoming more awake and aware, then you’ll be happier, and have more freedom and aliveness. Diving deeper helps you achieve authentic and lasting happiness. It’s your path to freedom and it’s worth every bit of effort. You go deeper because you want to understand, and create real and lasting change. You go deeper because you want to experience the core of your being. You go deeper because, really, what could be more important?

Take a deep breath, feel the aliveness in you and all around you
. You can choose at any moment be the greatness that is inside of you. That is happiness. 
The first chapter of my book is all about happiness.
What steps have you taken to be happier? Your comments make a difference for us all.

For further information on accessing the wisdom, happiness, fulfillment, and peace you desire, click here to learn about Dr. Howard's Multiple Award Winning Book "Your Ultimate Life Plan: How to Deeply Transform Your Everyday Experience and Create Changes That Last.

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