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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth

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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth
Dr. Jennifer Blog

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Dr. Jennifer Blog

Healing with the Masters - Jennifer McLean
Posted: 11/20/2010 | Guest Bloggers Comments
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Last month, I was a speaker for Healing with the Masters. It was an amazing event that I was honored to be a part of. The creator of Healing with the Masters, Jennifer McLean, posted this write-up about our chat and I wanted to make sure and share it with you. 

Creating Lasting Change with Dr. Jennifer Howard
By Jennifer McLean

Duality itself is a relationship. Everyone, everything is dependent on someone or something else. This was just one of many juicy tidbits shared by tonight’s guest, Dr. Jennifer Howard, on Healing with the Masters.

Dr. Howard said whether we’re speaking or listening, we’ll relate differently to the words; our perceptions of what we said or heard will be different. It’s important for us to pay attention to our inner AND outer worlds because when we’re aware, we feel more alive.

Many of us choose to meditate through guided journeys, or we may choose to meditate in silence. Sometimes, when in silence, we may feel those feelings of discomfort from those things that we’ve been pushing down that are trying to come to the surface. Or whenever we meditate in silence, we may feel what Dr. Howard says, “ice cream on the soul”… those feelings of yumminess come up, and we just feel really good.

Wherever you are is where you are.
We were told that it’s best to be perfectly honest with ourselves in the moment, and with what shows up. To have more compassion towards ourselves, and be authentic. We should look for where we’re being hooked, and follow that thread back to the cause of what triggered us. Oftentimes, we’re triggered by something that happened during our childhood.

Dr. Howard also said that stuff doesn’t disappear completely; something, many people won’t be thrilled to hear. When we think we’ve worked on and resolved something say, 20 years ago, we may discover, when we revisit it, a totally different place we haven’t yet explored. As we expand, we continue to peel away the layers; things are always going to show up, but our vibration and how we handle these “triggers” will have changed.

Dr. Howard then gave us a few points on how she sees a healthy relationship to be…

Working with power so it’s shared equally.
Listening and honoring the others opinion.
Supporting the others life goals.
Having open and honest communication where you’re speaking from your feelings and not taking things personally.
Being willing to compromise.
Having emotional safety and knowing it’s not about other people, but what’s within yourself.
The clearer we can be with our historical childhood programming, the less triggered we will become when things show up. Anger is usually a cover up feeling…

Dr. Howard also said that change is what we want to create for ourselves… living a more conscious life; an “easier” life. But we need to really look at what we want, and remove the distortion of what we think we’ll get from what we think we want. We need to look at what we’re choosing because most of us are energetically holding on to what we don’t want… out of fear.

I had a great time talking to Dr. Howard tonight, and her advice was matter-of-fact and solid. Find more from Jennifer McLean's blog here and click here for Healing with the Masters.


Katie Goode       Posted: 11/22/2010 3:40:59 PM

Great info! When I find myself operating out of a place of fear or habit, I take a long walk or some other physical activity break and then meditate on it. It really helps me to get past those blocks and figure out what my focus will be.

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