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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth

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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth
Dr. Jennifer Blog

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Dr. Jennifer Blog

Hasten Slowly by Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks
Posted: 12/28/2009 | Guest Bloggers Comments
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Most people have had their preferred rhythm of moving through the world messed with. Meanderers got prodded, fidgeters jerked into line and most of us told to sit still to learn. In our relationships, most partners experience that one person waits, and the other is waited for. When you walk with friends or your mate, how do you find your true pace? And how do you blend your pace with another?

This is a great time of year to explore what we call essence pace. Your sense of who you are is deeply connected to the speed of your moving through your day. Too fast and you feel disconnected from life, too slow and you feel frustrated and held back. Essence pace seems paradoxical: “If you must be in a hurry, then let it be according to the old adage, and hasten slowly.” ~Saint Vincent de Paul
There is a pace at which you feel in touch with yourself AND aware of others. That’s essence pace. You can find it while you’re out doing holiday shopping. Next time you’re in a group of people (doesn’t have to be a large group), let yourself gradually accelerate your walking pace until you get to that NYC subway arrrgh explosion place. Then gradually decelerate until you approach snail pace. Alternate accelerating and decelerating until you discover the pace at which you experience a sense of easy flow inside with awareness of others.
Here are some advantages of moving at essence pace through your day:
• Your intuition deepens.
• You get to enjoy the journey.
• You notice the open spaces and the opportunities.
• You have a sense of being in charge of your choices and decisions.
• You solve relationship conflicts much more easily.
• You don’t feel that other people (e.g., your partner) is DOING something TO you. Instead, you feel appreciation for the flow of combined energy and each person’s contribution.
• You actually get more accomplished moving at essence pace rather than rushing or resisting.

Don’t take my word for it. Explore finding your essence pace this week and let us know what happens. If you enjoy the experiment, you can find many more movement explorations here.

Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks are major contributors to the fields of conscious relationships and bodymind vibrance. They are the authors of more than twenty books, including such bestsellers as CONSCIOUS LOVING, THE BIG LEAP, THE CORPORATE MYSTIC, FIVE WISHES and CONSCIOUS LIVING. During the past thirty years they have appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows, including OPRAH, CNN, CNBC and CBS’ 48 HOURS.
Gay Hendricks received his Ph.D. in counseling psychology from Stanford in 1974. Kathlyn Hendricks received her doctorate from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in 1982. In 1989 they founded The Hendricks Institute, which offers seminars annually in North America, Asia and Europe. Their non-profit organization, The Foundation For Conscious Living, funds research, films and scholarships in the area of conscious relationships and bodymind vibrance. They are also co-founders, with Stephen Simon, of The Spiritual Cinema Circle. Their latest project is the new online university, www.gaiailluminationuniversity.com.
The Hendricks live in Ojai, California, and may be contacted through their website, www.hendricks.com,



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