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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth

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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth
Dr. Jennifer Blog

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Dr. Jennifer Blog

The Experiment Begins
Posted: 2/9/2012 | Radio Show Comments
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Join me LIVE on 'A Conscious Life' radio, Wednesday, February 15, 2012 at 4pm ET, as I have the pleasure of talking with Lynn Woodland, international teacher and human potential expert.
Lynn has worked at the experimental edges of the Mind/Body/Spirit, Transpersonal Psychology, and New Thought movements since 1972. Her particular expertise is in what gives rise to miracles and in teaching ordinary people to live extraordinary lives so that miracles become, not just possible, but natural. 
In the meantime, enjoy the guest article below from Lynn Woodward, an "Article Excerpt from Making Miracles—Create New Realities for Your Life and Our World."
Hope you can join us!
The Experiment Begins
This book is an invitation to suspend disbelief, let your mind be boggled, and have an experience of reality beyond what you think you know for certain. Miracles are more readily found in the slightly unsettling territory of paradox than on familiar ground so, if you’re game, let the experiment begin right now by imagining that the earth is shifting just a bit underfoot and that nothing you see is what it appears to be. 
The more of this book you read, the more deeply you will enter into a miracle-making experiment. Modern science, as you will learn, is showing that we can’t change our minds without affecting the world around us and, as easily as reading these pages, your mind, and your world, are changing. If it’s your choice, you will become a miracle-maker. And if you’re feeling excited, it’s already begun.
Proceed a little further into the experiment by imagining that you’re not alone as you read. Change your mind about the normally solitary experience of reading so that you are now, simply through your intention to do so, linking with every other mind who is reading these words. As we’ll explore in greater depth, all consciousness is connected. To quote one of the pioneers of modern physics, Erwin Schrödinger, on the nature of consciousness, “The overall number of minds is just one.”
To wade a little more deeply into the fuzzy edges of reality, let go of what you think you know about time. Einstein proved in his theory of relativity that time and space aren’t a fixed, neutral container for matter and can be altered by what they contain. Time is a more fluid thing than we realize, as Helmut Schmidt, one of the early researchers of mind over matter, discovered in his extensive work with random event generators. He not only found statistically significant evidence suggesting that consciousness alone can indeed affect matter, but also that consciousness can affect matter in the past. More on this later.
For now, without quite understanding how, imagine that your mind is transcending the fluid boundaries of time and space to connect with every mind that has in the past and will in the future read these words. This is happening automatically simply because you’re thinking it. (You don’t even need to believe it; just imagine what it would feel like if you did.)
Picture this joined consciousness as clear, beautiful, and only positive. As we join minds, we leave behind the clutter of small, weak thoughts that so often cloud our attention and we rise into a Higher Mind that is wise and wonderful. In this Higher Mind, we amplify each other’s power for good and automatically repel harm. You may already feel a difference. Your senses may be a little sharper; you might feel warmth or tingling or gooseflesh. Perhaps you’re a little more awake. You may notice that your body is relaxing and you’re breathing more deeply. You may feel nothing at all, the real magic happening outside of your conscious awareness. It doesn’t matter what you perceive. Just imagine what it would be like if you felt certain, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that miracles are normal and starting to unfold in your life. 
Now, for a moment, hold the deepest, most heartfelt intention that every reader of these words, past, present, and future, receive something wonderful, and imagine that just by reading this page, you will too. Hold this thought lightly and with wonder, like you would a butterfly that just alit in your hand. o Hold it gently…no need to strain…and let it go. Just as anonymous prayer has been shown to have a definite healing effect, even when the recipients are unaware that prayer is being offered on their behalf, just this easily, a powerful prayer has now been set in motion on your behalf.
After you have done this, if you notice a waft of rose scent that has no discernable source or you see butterflies, feathers, or some cherished symbol wherever you go, just say thank you. As you’ve opened yourself to God, God is showing Itself to you.
And now you’ve become more than a passive reader—you’ve become part of this experiment, reshaping matter and calling forth miracles for yourself and countless others whom you will never know.
By permission of Namaste Publishing

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