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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth

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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth


According to Hindu tradition, Paccaya is a condition - that on which something else depends in order to exist. According to the Patthāna, the last book of the Abhidhamma Pitaka, there are 24 kinds of conditions. These conditions apply to all relationships, mental and physical. For example, the first paccaya is “root condition”: as long as the root exists, the condition that grows from it will thrive. For example, as long as the root condition of delusion exists a negative mental and physical state will grow from it. In another example, the second paccaya, “object”, sound is the object that must exist in order for the ear to be “conscious”, color is the object that must exist in order for the eye to be conscious. Each paccaya is a condition that affects a mental or physical state of being. The 24 modes of conditionality are: • 1. Root condition: hetu paccaya • 2. Object: ārammana • 3. Predominance: adhipati • 4. Priority: anantara • 5. Contiguity: samanantara • 6. Co-nascence: sahajāta • 7. Mutuality: aññamañña • 8. Support: nissaya • 9. Decisive Support: upanissaya • 10. Pre-nascene: purejāta • 11. Post-nascene: pacchājāta • 12. Repetition: āsevana • 13. Karma: kamma • 14. Karma-result: vipāka • 15. Nutriment: āhāra • 16. Faculty: indriya • 17. Jhāna: jhāna • 18. Path: magga • 19. Association: sampayutta • 20. Dissociation: vippayutta • 21. Presence: atthi • 22. Absence: natthi • 23. Disappearance: vigata • 24. Non-disappearance: avigata

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