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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth

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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth


A Hindu word meaning “noble one” or “worthy one;” one who has defeated delusion; one who has gained enlightenment. Arhat/arahant signifies one who has completed the course of Buddhist practice and has realized the goal of nirvana. An arhat will no longer die or be reborn. Arhat or Arahant signified a spiritual practitioner who had and realised the goal of nirvana, the culmination of the spiritual life . Such a person, having removed all causes for future becoming, is not reborn after biological death into any samsaric realm. The word "arahan" literally means "worthy one" . an alternative is "foe-destroyer" or "vanquisher of enemies" and constitutes the highest grade of noble person—ariya-puggala—described by the Buddha as recorded in the Pali canon. The word was used (as it is today in the liturgy of Theravada Buddhism) as an epithet of the Buddha himself as well as of his enlightened disciples; One who has gained enlightenment.

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