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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth

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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth


A collection of Buddhist scripture and teachings that includes philosophical and psychological insight and explanation. Some historians believe that the Abhidharma was developed after the Buddha’s death, and derived from his original teachings. Other historians believe that the Abhidharma is Buddha’s earliest teaching. Buddhist legend states that he awoke from meditation and shared these complex teachings with the divine beings. It is believed that he later condensed these teachings into understandable suttas, which provided instruction by addressing controversies and providing questions with answers. These suttas dealt with specific situations, making them more understandable to Buddha’s followers. 'abhidharma,' or in Pali, 'abhidhamma,' is a detailed systematization of the teaching of the sutras. It contains classifications, enumerations, controversies, and 'questions and answers.' Buddhist scripture; the third and last part of the It contains the Buddha's higher teachings, and explanations of the other pitakas with philosophical and psychological discussions. Its content varies for each school of Buddhism, but Buddhists agree that it represents the actual teachings of the Buddha.

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