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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth

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Personal Development, Spiritual Growth


Meaning “perfect” or “perfection.” In Theravada Buddhism, these teachings are not believed to be part of the original teachings of Theravada but were added at a later date to appeal to lay people. It is believed that working to achieve the paramitas leads a person toward enlightenment through purification. The paramitas are identified as the “Ten Perfections:” • Dana parami: generosity • Sila parami: virtue and morality • Nekkhamma parami: renunciation • Panna parami: insight and spiritual wisdom • Viriya parami: diligence and effort • Khanti parami: patience, tolerance, acceptance • Sacca parami: honesty • Adhitthana parami: determination • Metta parami: loving kindness • Upekkha parami: serenity

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